Women in Small Cities face Challenges

Women in small cities face a challenge because they like to gather together, share and receive positive reinforcement for trying new things. Old retail models are geared towards men who prefer to walk into sex shops by themselves. The women didn’t bite.

The solution of the woman? So she gathered her friends in her living room to purchase sex toys at home parties. Sextoy parties are similar in concept to Tupperware parties but they sell all types of sex toys, paraphernalia and other items. If you are interested to buy similar products like erotiikkaliike from nearby store then order online.

After witnessing the rise in home parties’ sales, the sextoy industry realized that women are the main purchasers of products. Every major city has seen a new retail model in the past five to ten year that is exclusively geared towards women’s shopping preferences.

John Ince, author of The Politics of Lust and a colleague of mine, owns The Art of Loving downtown Vancouver. His shop is definitely what I would classify as the next wave of sex stores.

Ince’s shop was completely different from the usual sleazy shops. It has the feel of an art gallery, with high ceilings, large sunlit windows and wood floors. There are also comfy leather couches. I noticed an area with erotic art right away as I walked through the front door.

To the right, shelves of books about sex were found by climbing up the stairs. The left-hand side had sex products that customers could check out. There was a description of the product and a guide for troubleshooting any health issues customers might have. Staff were relaxed and available to answer questions without judgement.

I spoke to Ince regarding his business and clientele. Ince stated that 70% of his clients were women and that their mean age ranges from 28 to 45. John believes that everyone can visit his shop and spend an average of $40-60 per day. Women tend to buy smaller items and as they feel more comfortable, upgrade to bigger items such as The Rabbit, which Charlotte on Sex and the City famously made famous.

Ince is very passionate about education and offers 60-70 sexuality seminars annually. Evidently, the more educated and comfortable a woman feels about her sexuality the more she will be able to purchase sex toys.

If you are still unsure if sex shops suit you, let us look at what other people are doing. Durex Condom’s 2003 Global Sex Survey revealed that 49% of Americans use vibrators in their sex lives. Babes in Toyland states that the original number of vibrators sold was 500 in 1993. This number increased to 83,250 in 2004.

Despite this progress, most sexy toy sales are still online. People appreciate brown paper packaging because it is anonymous and doesn’t contain any stigma.

Are you a wife shopping online for men in your household? Or are you a banker looking to shop online for women? Online shopping websites will suit everyone, no matter if you are a geek, shopaholic, banker, or fashion-ista. Online shopping websites are your best option if you’re too tired or too lazy to shop during the work week. You might also have a husband who doesn’t produce in the dress shop, or simply feel frustrated by the selection in town. It seems like many male readers don’t believe me. Let’s talk about it.

For men, shopping online is difficult. It is still a far cry for men to shop online. It sounds bizarre to many when we talk about online shopping for shoes for men as well as apparel and accessories. This is a leap forward in man’s evolution. Think about this: no annoying wife or girlfriend, no screaming children, and no pushy salesmen. Online shopping is like a wanderer discovering an oasis. This is for men. What happens if you have to shop the ‘fairer sexual’ or’mysterious’ species for the Venus’ dwellers. For ‘Mars’ dwellers your life will be easier if another woman helps you choose the right gift. It is much simpler than asking random women to give their opinions in a store and getting slapped. You can go online to open a portal and access a whole new world. Online shopping is simple for women. It allows you to shop for accessories, shoes and bath and beauty products as well as for home and kitchen appliances.e

It doesn’t matter if your gender is male or female, everyone you know has a cell phone. While owning a mobile phone is up for debate, it’s still a good idea. Mobile phones are often bought after looking at ads on the Internet or being recommended by a friend. Many people end up dissatisfied with their purchase. It would be great if you could get information on the phone’s features and user experience before you make a decision to order it. After this long monologue, I think online shopping for men has started to sound appealing. But convenience is always the first priority for men. It’s easy to order mobiles online and it’s so simple. Because they are smart, I don’t need to sell these products to geeks or women.

You don’t need to be worried if you are unsure about how trustworthy online shopping sites are. Online shopping sites offer many options for ‘try-n-buy’. You can also return shoes for men online and get your money back in a matter of days. A lot of these websites allow you to return the item within a 30 day period. 

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